Not Losing Weight? These May Be the Reasons Why

Are you feeling frustrated by the fact that you eat healthy and workout often but still aren't losing weight? It can be a total bummer to feel like you're putting in the work and time and not seeing results. And while there's plenty of other beneficials things that come along with eating right and exercising other than just weight loss, not seeing the number on the scale budge can cause you to give up altogether. These may be the reasons you're having a difficult time seeing the results you want.
  1. You're not drinking water.
Besides the necessity of hydration, drinking enough water will help aid in portion control, both from drinking a glass as well as eating water-dense foods. 2. Your idea of enough exercise is off. Do you think simply taking your pup for a stroll is all you need to get in your daily workout? Think again. While it's better than nothing and a healthy activity all around, you won't see results from a 15 minute walk. What you need to do is really get your heart pumping for 30 minutes to burn fat and calories. Try going for a run, interval training, hiking, circuit training, or going to a spin class. 3. You're overeating healthy foods.   They say a "handful" of nuts for a reason. While nuts along with avocados, whole wheat pasta, olive oil and dark chocolate are all incredibly good for you, they need to be eaten in moderation. Find out the serving sizes you should really be eating here. 4. You only incorporate cardio into your exercise regimen.   While cardio is great, it's important to make sure you also incorporate weight training into your exercise regimen to ensure you keep your metabolism at optimum speed. Are you guilty of any of these? Source: Popsugar  

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