Not Sure If You Want Breast Implants? Try InstaBreasts!

NYC-based plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe is providing his patients with a new alternative to breast enhancement surgery. breast-implants According to his site, the InstaBreast "adds a little more volume and fullness to the breasts without having to have surgery for implants. This is done by injecting a simple saline solution into the breasts, which then gets absorbed by the body and adds more volume to the breasts." People are into it! When Rowe spoke with ABC News, he said that about 75 percent of his patients who try the InstaBreast on for size decide that they do want permanent implants. Each injection costs $2,500 (as opposed to implants which are about $10,000). At a regular breast augmentation consult, patients merely ask questions, get measurements taken, and are maybe shown photographs of what they'll look like post-surgery. When Rowe InstaBreasts you up though, you are able to get the most accurate "representation of what a breast implant would feel inside of the body." Rowe's next project is called "Vacation Breasts," a version of the InstaBreast that will last two to three weeks, which sounds exhausting and expensive. H/T: Cosmo

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