Are We Now Just Inventing "Problems" For Doctors To "Fix?"

Today I was watching The Doctors on TV which I don't normally do for two reasons. First, I'm usually at work, and second, I feel like it's pop medicine al la Dr. Oz. Back to my story.... I was watching The Doctors and a segment came on about two friends who, after video chatting a lot, decide they were unhappy with how they looked and the double chin they had while holding their tablets in their lap and looking down to video chat. Both people ended up undergoing a Video Chat Lift and I wondered to myself ... "is that even a real thing?" So I Googled it, and sure enough... it's a thing. It's a Video Chat Lift, Video Chat Facelift, and even the Facetime Facelift. Apparently I'm behind the times, because these have been in the news for over a year. If you've had this same problem, let me save you a few thousand dollars... hold your tablet at eye level! Of course holding your tablet in your lap to video chat is going to cause you to have a double chin... everyone will have a double chin in this position. But it doesn't mean we all need a facelift.

Have we gone too far, is there a medical solution to every problem, no matter how insignificant? What other "problems" have you seen invented?

Photo By: Aimee Heart

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