Nude Selfies, Ex Searches: 4 Things to Always Delete Off Your Phone

Nowadays, our phones are pretty much an extension of us. Everything that is personal and public is put into our digital database. But in those times when our partner steals our phone during a tickle fight, or we're showing elderly relatives our latest vacation snaps, there are some things that are better left unseen. Here are 4 major things you should always remove from your phone: #1 Nudes Perhaps that hot pic you took last week was for your significant other, but you certainly don't want your aunt stumbling among it as she scrolls through pictures of your new puppy. And even if you took a picture just to document your weight loss success, or as reference when Googling that weird spot on your bum, your partner may take it as a nude you sent out to someone else! #2 Freaky Google Searches  Something that will likely creep your partner out is finding "weird spot on bum" or "how to get rid of upper lip hair" searches in your history. #3 Embarrassing Pinterest Boards  Another creepy discovery would be if your partner stumbled upon your "Dream Wedding" or "Baby Nursery Ideas" board after only a few weeks of dating...(don't worry, we all have made one from time to time). #4 Ex Boyfriend Facebook Searches  It's tempting when seeing what he's up to is only a few taps away. But if you have a habit of checking up every now and then, make sure your new man can't see. What are your stories of times when you forgot to delete an embarrassing item? Share them with us!

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