"Nude Yoga Girl" Takes Instagram By Storm

If you haven't done so yet, it's time to check out Instagram account, @Nude_YogaGirl. The account is run by a 25-year-old model, photographer and yogi who shares images of herself doing yoga without a stitch of clothing. The woman wishes to remain anonymous, but says that this account is her expression of art. INPOST1 (1) “I want to inspire people to try yoga and maybe they can also find the acceptance of their body from there, because I did so," she says. She takes the photographs in a small studio space in her apartment with the help of her boyfriend. Inspired by photography and yoga, she wanted to bring the two together in the purest way. [bctt tweet=""Nude Yoga Girl" Takes Instagram By Storm"] INPOST2 The images are beautiful and striking, but what makes her posts so powerful are the captions. In the captions, @Nude_YogaGirl opens up about the struggles she has faced with restrictive eating and the ways in which yoga has inspired her to love and accept her body. She also uses the account to break down the mental barriers people have when it comes to yoga. Yoga is for everyone and she wants the world to know. “It doesn’t matter if you are overweight, inflexible, not sporty…or if you can’t sit down, relax and listen to your breath,” she writes. “It doesn’t matter if you have a terrible balance or if you have never tried yoga before. Because yoga is perfect for people who are not perfect (so everyone?).” She says that the responses she's received have been "amazing." “I’m very happy that people have understood my art and my account’s message in the right way,” she says. INPOST3 What she really hopes is that her account inspires people to love themselves. “I want people to understand that our feeling inside is everything,” she explains. “Not how we look on the outside.” And she's right. The most wonderful gift you could ever give yourself is self-acceptance and love. Your body is your vehicle and it is lovely. Slow down a little, listen to your breath and show your body a little love. Your body is an incredible body. What do you think of her art and her message? Source: SELF

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