Nutrition Facts: Greens In Disguise

Fast Nutrition Facts: Green foods are hard to stomach, but have the best nutritional value! So choke them down and start eating healthier today. Your best bet to a happier healthy lifestyle is nutrition and we all know that’s the hardest part. Biting the bullet and giving in to those healthier less attractive foods is the only way to build positive nutrition. The green foods always seem to be the hardest to stomach, here’s a different approach to stomaching those nasty greens: Don’t like greens? Do you drench broccoli in butter and cheese to camouflage the taste? There’s pros and cons to this approach. While adding fat to your greens has been shown to increase your body’s ability to soak up fat soluble nutrients, it doesn’t mean you can justify sending your broccoli for a swim in saturated fats. As an alternative, opt for healthier fats, like 2 tablespoons of goat cheese, or some pine nuts and pesto, or some marinara sauce and a dash of parmesan cheese. All these options will add flavour without killing your daily quotient of calories.  

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