Nutritional Value: Magical Mystery Fungus

This funny little fungus packs one hell of a punch and the nutritional  value is something you may have never heard before. Mushrooms are a surprisingly versatile and nutritious food, packed with many essential nutrients. Chow down on just a few of the health benefits of these fungi!

1) Boost Your Vitamin D

Like humans, mushrooms produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. This makes mushrooms the sole vegetable or fruit that provides this important vitamin.

2) Antioxidant Power

The mushroom may look neutral enough, but put up a good fight against the free radicals in our bodies. A study at Penn State University discovered that the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity - the measure of a food’s total antioxidants)in crimini and portobello mushrooms was about the same as for red peppers.

3) Help Maximize Your Metabolism

Mushrooms have tons of vitamin B vitamins, great nutritional value, which are essential for converting food into fuel, which the body then burns to produce energy. Mushrooms also aid your body metabolize fats and protein. Nice!

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