Nutrition While Travelling

Hello everyone :) I am sure at some point in time you all have been on holiday, traveled for an extended period, or stranded somewhere where healthy options are not easily accessible. Well friends, this is where one simple thing comes in handy and that would be preparation. I am currently on holiday for two weeks in the beautiful Maritimes where I grew up. And while I plan on indulging (and already have) I also made sure to prepare in advance to make sure my diet can stay on track.

I came prepared...

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A few simple tips:

Pack supplements

When travelling typically my veggie intake is not as high as I ideally like it to be, so green powders that can easily be added to water come in handy. I also pack protein powder, apple cider vinegar, vega electrolyte replacers, vitamins, probiotic supplement and a digestive enzyme.

Pack healthy snacks

For long commutes (I drove 16 hours from Toronto to New Brunswick) I pack ziplocks full of veggies, fruit, nuts and healthy protein packed snacks. This is a important key to staying on track and avoiding the drive thru ;)

World Wide Web

The Internet and various applications such as Urban Spoon are great tools for locating healthy options in the area. Menus are often found online where you can plan your meal in advance, or check and see if any healthy options are available. I do this frequently on holiday to make sure I am able to stay on track and eat as clean as possible while still enjoying a nice meal out. I used social media to locate a fabulous salmon dinner while on holiday at a spot called Steamers in Saint John New Brunswick. Eating clean never tasted so good :) image

Fit in a workout

No matter where you are exercise is possible. I always plan to squeeze in a workout while travelling,even if it is 15 minutes it is better than nothing at all. YOU CAN DO IT no excuses :) I hope these few tips are helpful in your next travels. Little preparations can be extremely helpful in your goals of fitness and health. Until next time :) Yolande

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