This is How a Nutritionist Detoxes

Fallen off the healthy-eating wagon lately? Not entirely sure what to do to start fresh? Nutritionist Eve Kessner shares some tips to get you back on track.


"Drink lots of water." Kessner says. In fact, she can't stress this point enough. Not only does water help rehydrate the dehydrating affects of bad eating/drinking habits, it helps flush the body of any toxins it's holding on to. Start your day with a delightful hot water and lemon, which aids in weight loss. From then on, make sure you refill your water bottle at least a few times throughout the day.

Get Off Your Butt and Move

Kessner says that exercise is key to sweating out the junk and upping endorphin levels. Try a fast paced HIIT session to up your metabolism. If you're feeling a little too queasy from your overindulgent diet, start with some restorative yoga or go for a walk.

 Get Some Rest

So you got up and worked your butt off at the gym - you also need rest just as much. Skipping out on sleep can lead to stress, weight gain, and overall health decline. Recovery is essential to you get your body back on track.

Eat Clean

Now is the time to eat fresh: "Raw foods have higher nutrient density, so you get more bang for your buck and inherently less sugar," says Kessner. Avoid anything processed. Need help with clean eats? Check out our 14 Day Nutrition Guide 14_Day_Nutrition_Guide_finaldraft_1024x1024  

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