Oat Bran Makes Your Day...

Oat bran has a lot of benefits. I use it rather than oatmeal. Used for a long time as horse feed and insulation material, but now be used for healthy eating.  What it does: -it lowers cholisterin -it makes replete for a long time -it stimulates the digestive system, there are more calories excreted One tablespoon (15g) increases in the stomach to 375g. Oat bran reduces the risk of colon cancer and diabetes. It binds bile acid, cholesterol, and toxic elements in the colon. By the binding of these organic substances carcinogenic substances are removed from the intestine, which demonstrably reduces the risk of cancer. Soluble dietary fiber in the intestinal short chain fatty acids to be broken down and other acids, which reduce the formation of cholisterin. It contains less calories than oatmeal but more antioxidants, calcium, iron, thiamin, phosphorus, riboflavin, magnesium, and zinc. Oat bran has a half estimated glycemic load than oatmeal but a double of dietary fiber. It is cheaper than oatmeal. I eat 20 grams of it every morning from Monday to Friday. It is one foodstuff that keeps me healthy.

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