Being Obese Can Have These 5 Dangers!! Start Acting Now

Obesity is a cause of many health complications. It can leave you impaired with serious health conditions like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Obesity has always existed in the human population, but the instances of it were rare. Over the last few decades, with the availability of processed foods made with high sugar and salt content, the incidences have spiralled up. According to the World Health Organization obesity, is an escalating epidemic worldwide that contributes to ill health. We list out five glaring dangers of being obese:
  1. Depression
Studies have found that obese women are more prone to depression than men. The stresses of our post-modern lifestyles can dramatically change your eating habits. Binge eating is one such behaviour, noticed in people suffering from depression that can result in two extreme conditions like anorexia or obesity. It is specifically noted by the American Psychological Association that obese women experienced 37% increase in depression, while further suggesting that the advise of a team of qualified health professionals can be able to help you get over this. 2. Fertility Women who are underweight or overweight tend to ovulate less than a healthy woman. Women with healthy weight conceive easily. Women with a BMI of 30 or more may take longer to conceive. A BMI of less than 19 means, you are ovulating less, and you are underweight. Women are asked to reduce their weight to increase their chances of conceiving. Men too experience reduced fertility if the BMI is more than 30. In such cases, the patients are asked to reduce weight and have a healthier diet. Women are advised to have more green leafy vegetables, lean meat, fish pulses, wholemeal bread and pasta to help them conceive.
  1. Risk of Cardiac Diseases
There was an indirect relation between heart disease, and obesity or so was the understanding earlier.  In present time with studies, it has been proven that obesity can lead to heart problems. According to studies, obesity independently indicates coronary diseases in the long term. The BMI relates to the heart disease, for example, middle aged women BMI > 23 but <25 had 50 percent increase in non-fatal and fatal coronary diseases, while men aged 40 to 65 years >23<25 had a 72 percent risk. There are simple, yet profound solutions to alleviate risks such as these.
  1. Diabetes
Obesity directly relates to Type2 diabetes. Around 90 percent of people living with diabetes are obese. A higher body weight puts pressure on the body's ability to use insulin to control the body sugar and thereby results in diabetes. Studies have found that Type 2 diabetes is preventable, and a small change in lifestyle with a reduction of weight can prevent or delay the development of diabetes in high-risk adults. Weight management is the best way to prevent diabetes.
  1. Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Non-Alcohol fatty liver disease is the term used for a range of diseases caused by fat build-up within the liver cells, in people who are obese and overweight. A healthy liver does not contain any fat. The onset of this disease is in the form of simple fatty liver. This disease later develops into NAFLD and can cause stroke or heart attack. People suffering from simple fatty liver are at a higher risk of getting Stetophatitis and scarring of the liver that happens due to this condition. The reasons listed above are warning signs for you to begin acting. Brace yourself and consult your doctor to sort out your weight issues. Obesity can be prevented by leading a healthy lifestyle. A little change in your dietary habits and way of living can go a long way in preventing the onset of harmful diseases.

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