Obese Man Who Was Called "Fat Boy" In School Sheds Half His Body Weight In Remarkable Transformation

Austin Shifflett, 22, used to weigh 324 pounds and his life was far from easy. His love of soda and fast food contributed to his weight gain and as his size increased, so did his torment. Shifflett was bullied so much that he began to skip school which lead to his making a court appearance for truancy. "School was pretty bad. I didn't want to be around people that much. It affected my school education so I had to be held back," he says. "I was so behind with my school work and that was when the bullying really started. It was verbal, people calling me fat boy every day in the gym class and then the name just stuck." Shifflett tried his best to not let it get to him, saying, "I'm not a confrontational person so I would just laugh it off. I didn't want them to know it was getting to me." obie Unfortunately, this bullying contributed to his struggles. Feeling miserable, Shifflett did what so many people do and turned to food for comfort. His changing moment arrived one day when he got on the scale and saw the number had reached 324 pounds. This number was about 100 pounds higher than what he had expected to see! "I hit an all-time low - I didn't believe it and thought the scale was broken," he says. "I got off the scale, turned it off and on again and got back on. I just couldn't believe it was right. I was crushed. I never saw myself being in the three hundreds." fatty Not knowing what to do, Shifflett turned to his grandmother for help. She suggested he go on the popular Atkins diet. In the first week, Shifflett lost 9 pounds. Buoyed by these results, he kept right on going. In the first 3 months, he lost nearly 80 pounds! Shifflett began working out, saying, "I started going to the gym late at night when no one would be there to see me. It took ten months to lose 156lbs." obie3 Now, just a year later, weighing 158 pounds, Shifflett says that his weight loss has not only improved his health but changed his entire life! "It changed my life in a lot of ways. I was really shy before so it has helped with my confidence levels," he explains. "It's really helped with dating and girls too. Before they wouldn't even talk to me. Now some of the people that bullied me now message me for tips, that's one of the best things." [bctt tweet="Obese Man Who Was Called "Fat Boy" In School Sheds Half His Body Weight In Remarkable Transformation"] Shifflett refuses to hold grudges against these kids who bullied him and is choosing instead to look forward. He is currently raising money on a GoFundMe page so he can have surgery to remove 10 pounds of excess skin. He says, "I'm ready to throw my shirt off - I work out twice a day and I love running but I still feel trapped in my own body." adorbs Shifflett hopes to study sports medicine at school so he can help other people adopt a healthier lifestyle. In the meantime, he has shared this valuable advice: "I want to tell others you have to learn to accept the failures. I failed many times, but you can't give up. You didn't gain the weight overnight and you won't lose it overnight either." adorbs2 What a truly inspirational story! If you'd like to start your own body (and life!) transformation, we can help you out. Start by cleaning up your diet with the BodyRock Meal Plan. This 30 day plan covers all diets from meat eater to vegan and will give you the foundation you need to develop healthy eating habits for life. Covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks a day, this plan takes all the guess work out of healthy eating. At the beginning of each week, we provide you with a weekly grocery list so all you have to do is pick up the ingredients and follow along. The meals are easy to prepare, nutritious and delicious. No more menu planning, no more meal time confusion. Just real, whole, healthy foods prepared by you in your own home. Get started with the meal plan here. Getting your diet under control is essential but it isn't the whole picture -- you have to up your activity level too. Why not try the BodyRock Bootcamps? Offered at both the Beginner and Intermediate levels, these programs give you a brand new, real time, workout delivered to your inbox each day for 30 days. The best part? It is absolutely free. That's right, you will get the expertise of our trainers in the comfort of your own home at no cost to you! Can you afford not to sign up? Check out the Beginner Bootcamp here and the Intermediate Bootcamp here. Source: Daily Mail

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