Are You Obsessed With Being Fit

We all have them, the ‘fitspiration’ photos we use to motivate us through low points in our fitness regimen.  Slowly and quietly ‘being fit’ has morphed into much more than physical ability.  Our culture has and is obsessed with physical appearance and not necessarily how those looks were achieved.  We don’t have to look any further than Hollywood to see the radical and sometimes dangerous lengths that celebrities go to in order to achieve ‘perfection.’

‘Being Fit’ now has come to term ‘that look.‘  We all know what it is.  For women it’s being a size 2 with a perfectly round butt and perky breasts with a hint of curves.  Have we now come to a point that the way in which a body is gained no longer matters?  We have juicing diets, zero carb diets, cayenne pepper drinks, and more...all in an effort to achieve ‘perfection’ without actually having to put the work into making it happen.  Has ‘being fit’ morphed into inches and pounds instead of miles and burpees?

Let’s address those ‘fitspiration’ photos...why do you have them?  Why are they taped to your mirror or sitting by your treadmill?  It’s looks right?  We all want to look a certain way.  Its normal.  Our entire culture is built on looks.  What if you couldn’t do a single crunch or take a walk with your family without getting severely winded?  What if that was the price of your looks?  It’s the idea behind ‘skinny fat.’  Believe me, I know these people.  They wimp out ten minutes into an ab workout and can only do cardio (slowly) on the elliptical.

Being Fit isn’t about looks.  It’s about so much more.  With time and proper diet a fitness regimen will get that ‘dream body.‘  That should not be our only goal.  It should not even be our primary goal.  Having the dream body isn’t going to change anything about you.  It’s not going to take away your body image issues, insecurities, self hatred, or depression.  It will cure NOTHING.  So often we look at that end goal-that shinning light as the defining moment when everything will change for us.

The real answer to whether you are obsessed with being fit is why you have that picture or dream body in the first place.  Would you be willing to trade the looks for physical ability?  What do you think ‘being fit’ is going to get you?  For me the answer is nothing.  Not even a longer life...I could die tomorrow in a car accident.  Being Fit and healthy is a means to an end.  To keeping up with my daughter, to hiking with my husband, to being a good mom because my head is on straight.

I’m using fitness.

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