Offensive New Survey Claims To Have Found The "Perfect" Breast Size, a matchmaking service, surveys all of its members on which hair colour, eye colour and clothing size they prefer in their mates. They have used this information to determine that 32D is the most popular choice among male members. This is, of course, far from a scientific 'finding.' Only 23% of members chose this size as their favourite and even if there were a size that men universally prefer, that wouldn't necessarily make it 'perfect.' The service sent out an email with the subject line "New Study Finds Perfect Breast Size." Ridiculous, isn't it? It gets better. It goes on to say, "Women’s breasts are like the produce section of a grocery store... There are massive watermelon-like distractions to perfectly rounded, honey dewey types, but what constitutes the perfect size? A new survey by matchmaking website,, reveals men know just what they are shopping for." Classy. It goes on: "Cantaloupes are not the only favored melons this summer. According to a new survey of men, the perfect breast size on a woman is a 32D." This IS 2015, right? Talking about women's bodies like they're consumable, purchasable commodities is disgusting. Ladies, you are perfect whatever your size! h/t: Women's Health

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