It's Official: Thongs Are Out and Granny Panties Are In!

For the last decade or so, skimpy skivvies have been the go-to underwear. And while a thong may still be your best choice under skin tight leggings and yoga pants, it's granny panties that are making a full coverage comeback! In a study conducted by the New York Times (the leader in late breaking undie news), granny pantie sales have seen a 17% rise in recent years. Thongs have been on the decline, losing 7% of sales. Brands like You and Me have been able to market granny panties as having sort of a retro vibe but with a modern twist. (Just like how Urban Outfitters sells "vintage inspired" record players and polaroid cameras) The full coverage pantie offers more comfort, while being the necessary undie for rocking the latest in high-waisted fashions. The most interesting factor in the this trend is that women are buying full coverage panties for themselves and themselves only. Lingerie is typically marketed to appeal to men, and women will sacrifice comfort levels for that reason. But this underwear is totally you focused, and is sparking a bit of revolution. You and Me recently released a granny pant with the word "feminist" running across it. This inspired tons of women to take a selfie in their delicates and post it to Instagram.   Thongs still have a purpose in our underwear drawers, but big bloomers are what's in. I wonder if Victoria Secret will follow suit with their own collection! What do you think of this new trend? What's in your undie drawer? Let us know!

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