How Often Should You Wash Your Bra

It's a bit of a dirty little secret among women that we rarely wash our bras. While panties get thrown in the machine all the time, a bra wash can be once in a blue moon. So what's the deal with bra washing anyway? Are we doing it right by not cleaning them all the time, or should we be washing them after every use? We find out your most burning bra-laundering questions: Don't Wash Your Bra After Every Use Good news! Unless you're excessively sweating, you can just toss your bra back in the drawer until about 3 or 4 uses. Over washing your intimates makes the elasticity of the material worn, leaving you with lessened support. If you are outside on a hot day or sweating it out in spinning class while wearing your bra, you may want to wash it. Germs and oils can build up in the fabric after excessive athletic activities. Get to Know What a Wear Is Wearing your bra for a couple of hours around the house and then taking it off doesn't count as one wear. A full day's use, from your morning coffee through your workday to you're evening Netflix binge, counts as a wear. Have a Good Rotation An excuse to bra shop and a good way to keep bras looking their best! Have a decent amount of bras to rotate through to keep the elastics tight and the fit perfectly formed. This leaves you with more options to wear when you're washing a load of bras. Ditch the Dryer The dryer flattens out bra shape, and hanging it to dry can cause stretching in the straps from the weight of wet cups. Lay your bra out and use a towel to pat off excess water. You can also use this method for sports bras. Got any bra preserving tips for us? Let us know!  

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