On the Go? Try These 4 Protein Hacks

Protein gets a good name, and for a good reason. It is essential for building muscle, improving your metabolism and overall healthy bodily functions. Avid exercisers are big on protein because the more active you are, the more your body needs it in order to build muscle, ensuring your metabolism stays high. Protein hacks for when you're on the go. High-protein snacks and meals are important for active people, but they're not always at our fingertips as we'd like them. Until now. Check out this list of the top protein hacks for when you’re on the go. 
  1. Keep a bottle of kefir in the fridge.Protein hacks for when you're on the go.
It's considered a drinkable yogurt that offers a tart-like and delicious taste. It's also loaded with high quality protein – 14 grams per cup. It's 99.9 percent lactose free, high in vitamin D and has more probiotics than yogurt. 2. Have a single-serving of peanut butter handy. Protein hacks for when you're on the go. This is one of those household staples everyone loves, but, it can get kind of messy, unless you buy one of the small packs for your bag to eat anywhere anytime. Try a high-protein version, like from the company Buff Bake, and pair with banana, apple, or celery. 3. Make turkey roll-ups. Protein hacks for when you're on the go. Make your lunch in under 5 minutes by taking a slice of deli turkey, rolling it up with tomato and mustard and holding it together with a toothpick. Make four to six of these and place in a plastic container. 4. Store beef jerky in a plastic bag. Protein hacks for when you're on the go. This is a great high-protein snack. It's low in fat and super tasty. Most packs have 8-10 grams of protein and 100 calories per ounce. It also keeps fresh for months and is easy to store in small places like your purse, desk or glove compartment in your car. Were these options helpful? Source: Muscle and Fitness

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