One Fat Burning Exercise to Try Right Now

One of the newest exercises I have been incorporating into my routine is the Squat Clean.  This not only provides the benefit of a great booty exercise but increases your fat burning potential by tapping into your cardiovascular system as well.  Squat cleans are usually performed by CrossFit athletes, olympic lifters and powerlifters, but can easily be incorporated into your daily HIIT or Tabata routine to kick your metabolism into overdrive.   You can perform this exercise with a dumbbells, your T-bar, an olympic bar, or your sandbag.  There are three parts to the squat clean:

1. A pulling movement: You are basically pulling the barbell from the floor into a power position at the upper thigh with the hips and knees slightly bent and the weight on your heels.

2. A jumping movement: From the power position, bring the body quickly to a fully extended position. This quickly moves the bar upward and creates space and time to catch the bar in a front squat position.

3. A catching movement: From the top of the jump, you quickly rotate your elbows around the bar while quickly reversing your hips and moving them under the bar into the bottom of a front squat position. This is an active pull under the bar, not just a fall into a squat.

You can watch the video below to see how I did on my first time trying this movement.  I started by doing 5 sets of 10 as fast as I could.  You could incorporate this as a tabata by doing as many reps as possible (AMRAP) in 30 seconds and then rest for 10 or you can work through like I did resting 1 minute between each set.


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