One Man Reveals The Top 9 Things That Makes A Girlfriend Marriage Material

What makes a girlfriend marriage material. When we're young, we go through many heartbreaks without the notion of marriage in mind. We're simply stuck in the moment and mourning the loss of a connection we once had. But at some point in our lives, we start seeing the people we're with as potential candidates for a lifelong partner. Although, when they're unable to meet the needs of the relationship, the struggle to remain together overcomes us. One man was constantly nagged by his family and friends for flying through girlfriends. They kept asking him why he couldn't settle down. They told him he was simply too picky. However, what Christopher Post found was that he didn't see forever in any of his past relationships. Now, after finding his true lifelong mate, he has come to realize it's not about finding someone who makes you feel like you're settling down. "Luckily, these nine things about my partner confirmed that being with her is the exact opposite of settling—each one makes me beyond excited to spend forever with her," Post says. And here they are:

1. "She’s the best gift giver."

Post says that though he repeatedly tells his girlfriend not to get him gifts, she picks up on the small stuff and always wows him with the most sentimental of presents. "A few years ago she gave me an absolutely beautiful radio cabinet from 1954 with a built-in turntable. I’d mentioned always wanting one a few times in passing without thinking much of it. Come December, we were taking a mystery ride to Buffalo to pick it up!"

2. "She has her stuff together."

It's not just about setting goals, but having the motivation to follow through with achieving them. "Not only is she wicked smart, she’s ambitious and has a trajectory for achieving her goals." [bctt tweet="One Man Reveals The Top 9 Things That Makes A Girlfriend Marriage Material"]

3. "She’s more mature than I am."

Post may be six years older than his partner, but she proves to be the mature one in the relationship. She doesn't anger easily, and is much more reasonable with how she deals with certain situations than he is. "A relationship between two reasonable people is, well, reasonable. That’s a very good thing when it’s supposed to last for the rest of your life."
What makes a girlfriend marriage material.

4. "She’s seriously responsible."

He can rely on his partner because she is practical. She always says what she says she is going to do. "She’s the Will Smith to my Martin Lawrence. Yes, that was a Bad Boys reference."

5. "She loves donuts."

He once bought her flowers but she prefers donuts as a gesture of love and gratitude instead. "I love this about her because it’s an effect of her not subscribing to traditional patterns of behavior just because she’s 'supposed' to be a certain way."

6. "She prizes being open with each other."

Post trusts his partner completely because they have decided not to keep anything from each other, whether that be good or bad. "Even if it seems trivial, we share it."
What makes a girlfriend marriage material.

7. "She’s a beautiful human, period."

It's not just about how beautiful she looks on the outside, but also about how pleasant she is to be around. She is positive, and just a good person all around. "I never deny the fact that she’s flat-out a better human being than I am. That doesn’t just make life better for me, it makes life better for everyone around us."

8. "She’s a crazy-good storyteller."

Even though sometimes Post finds himself cutting off his partner mid conversation, it's simply because he needs to sleep. He wants to listen to her, and he appreciates her words. "She’s not just talking needlessly, she’s talking because she’s a thinker. One of the biggest reasons I want to marry her is because we’re in the middle of an interesting conversation that’s going to take a lifetime to get through."

9. "She’s always by my side."

Post and his partner are a team, and though they may go through ups and downs, they go through them together. "We’re constantly watching out for each other, and we make it a point to help each other out whenever possible. In essence, we go through life as a team. She’s my partner, in crime and otherwise, and I wouldn’t have it any other way."
What makes a girlfriend marriage material.
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