One Month To A Better Body

Want a head start on getting ready to wear your LBD at the office Christmas party? Or just really preparing for that beach body? Either way, follow this challenge, and you'll have a better body in one month. With this challenge, if you start on the 1st  you will get Fridays off. If you choose to start on a Monday, you'll get Sundays off - your choice. That doesn't mean that on Sundays you can gorge on junk food because you 'earned it' though - try to do some active rest as Lisa always suggests to keep your body moving, but allowing your muscles to recover. The reps in this challenge build gradually with a three day rota system - so you'll do three days of different exercises, then you'll start those three days over again but with higher reps. There's no need to rush this challenge - it's not easy to do 50 burpees! Work at your own pace and do your best to complete it. If you're struggling then split the reps up through the day, so you could do some in the morning, then in the afternoon, and then finish in the evening.   Day 1 10 burpees 10 squats 10  curl and press   Day 2 10 mountain climbers 10 deadlift and row 10 lunges   Day 3 10 surfers 10 shoulder tap planks 10 rope pulls   Day 4 15 burpees 15 squats 15  curl and press   Day 5 15 mountain climbers 15 deadlift and row 15 lunges   Day 6 15 surfers 15 shoulder tap planks 15 rope pulls   Day 7 Rest   Day 8 20 burpees 20 squats 20  curl and press   Day 9 20 mountain climbers 20 deadlift and row 20 lunges   Day 10 20 surfers 20 shoulder tap planks 20 rope pulls   Day 11 25 burpees 25 squats 25  curl and press   Day 12 25 mountain climbers 25 deadlift and row 25 lunges   Day 13 25 surfers 25 shoulder tap planks 25 rope pulls   Day 14 Rest   Day 15 30 burpees 30 squats 30  curl and press   Day 16 30 mountain climbers 30 deadlift and row 30 lunges   Day 17 30 surfers 30 shoulder tap planks 30 rope pulls   Day 18 35 burpees 35 squats 35  curl and press   Day 19 35 mountain climbers 35 deadlift and row 35 lunges   Day 20 35 surfers 35 shoulder tap planks 35 rope pulls   Day 21 Rest   Day 22 40 burpees 40 squats 40  curl and press   Day 23 40 mountain climbers 40 deadlift and row 40 lunges   Day 24 40 surfers 40 shoulder tap planks 40 rope pulls   Day 25 45 burpees 45 squats 45  curl and press   Day 26 45 mountain climbers 45 deadlift and row 45 lunges   Day 27 45 surfers 45 shoulder tap planks 45 rope pulls   Day 28 Rest   Day 29 50 burpees 50 squats 50  curl and press   Day 30 50 mountain climbers 50 deadlift and row 50 lunges     Microsoft Word - Document2   How to: Burpees
Squats Stand with your feet shoulder width apart facing forward. Squat deep down towards the floor keeping your back straight and your head facing forward, then return to a standing position. Curl and press Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with your feet facing forward holding a sandbag with your arms down in front of you. Lift up to a bicep curl, then lift the sandbag above your head and back down.   Mountain climbers Get into the plank position with your hands flat on the floor, and (in a running motion) lift your knees alternately up towards your chest.   Deadlift and row   Lunges Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, facing forward. Step your right foot out in front of you and bend your right knee lowering your left knee to the floor, then bring your right foot back together with your left foot, and repeat on the other side.   Surfers   Shoulder tap planks Hold the plank position, and one at a time, tap your hand to the opposite shoulder while supporting yourself with the other hand. Try not to move your body too much as you make the transition from one hand to the other.   Rope pulls Sitting on your butt, lean back slightly and lift your feet off the ground (try to keep them off the ground for the whole exercise). Then put your arms in the air and alternate pulling your hands downwards as though pulling a rope down. At the same time pull your opposite leg towards your chest, then alternate.   Please note: One month is not enough time to lose a tremendous amount  of fat safely - this challenge has been designed to help you build muscle and tighten up for an improved body. If you want to see drastic improvements then you need to exercise regularly for much longer than one month. This challenge is a great way to kick start a new healthier, fitter, happier you though.   For more workout challenges follow my blog.   Featured image credit:  

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