One Move To Sculpt Strong Shoulders

It's time for a little bit of real talk. Have you been avoiding your shoulder exercises? We're willing to bet that some of you have been. We get it -- you don't want to look too muscular or bulky. But, the thing is, building strong shoulders can help you achieve the lean, toned look you're after! But more than helping you look good, strong shoulders can help you avoid joint injury and even improve your posture! The shoulder joint has the widest range of motion in the body which, unfortunately, makes it a rather unstable joint. By strengthening the muscles that surround the shoulder, you take the work out of the joint and put it in the muscle which decreases your risk of serious injury. Here are just a few reasons to work your shoulders: original-dblatrauseinfo-1 You can hit all the major sweet spots in your shoulders by doing a lateral raise with a front raise and deadlift. It is not a difficult move but you will definitely feel it! dumbbellvestcombo This move requires minimal equipment and has a huge impact. To get the most from this exercise, you will need your BodyRock weighted vest and a set of dumbbells. The BodyRock vest is a powerful workout tool! It adds resistance to all your movements without you having to change a single thing. That means, more muscle engagement, an increase in calories burned, and a greater potential for fat loss! If you are lacking this equipment, we've got your covered with the Dumbbell Vest Combo! Get yours here! Are you ready for the lateral raise with a front raise and deadlift? Add this move to your regular routine or add it to your arm or back workout. Aim for 50 seconds on with 10 seconds of rest for 2 or 3 rounds. Use a weight that challenges you but is light enough that you can last the full interval. Begin by standing, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, a dumbbell in each hand, resting at your sides. With your palms facing your body, lift the weights straight out to the side, until you reach shoulder height. Slowly lower the weights back to the starting position. Rotate your hands so your palms are facing the back of your body and lift the weights straight out in front of your body until you reach shoulder height. Slowly lower the weights back down. With your palms still facing the back of your body, bend at the waist, lowering the weights until your back is parallel to the floor. Slowly come back up and repeat from the beginning. Remember to keep a soft bend in your elbows throughout these movements. Will you be adding this move to your routine? If you like this workout and want to see what else Marina Santos has to offer, we've got the perfect challenge for you! Fun and creative, BodyRock Acclerate is a 21 day challenge that will accelerate your fitness journey, bringing you closer to your goals! Get started here!  

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