One Simple Tip to Lose Weight

Recent studies show that 30 minutes of exposure to sunlight first thing in the morning is tied to lower overall weight.  "Light is the most potent agent to synchronize your internal body clock that regulates circadian rhythms, which in turn also regulate energy balance," said study senior author Dr Phyllis Zee, Professor of Neurology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine The study looked at 54 people of an average age of 30. They wore a wrist monitor that measured their light exposure and sleep parameters for seven days in normal-living conditions. In addition, they logged all food for the week and their total caloric intake was calculated. They found that those who were regularly exposed to more morning light had lower BMIs. The effect counts for roughly 20 per cent of Body Mass Index, which is a measure of body fat based on height and weight. It is believed that the early morning light will kick start your metabolism, activate specific genes that trigger weight loss and enable you to take in your daily dose of Vitamin D. Aim to get your first dose of morning light in between 8:00 am and noon to have the highest effect on weight loss. Do this even when it is cloudy outside.  Outdoor lighting has a 1000 times greater lux capacity than does indoor light. So take your coffee, yoga, or morning exercise routine outside and enjoy some “you” time and jump start that weight loss immediately.   IMG_5781

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