One Small Food Trick To Battle Cancer

Next time you decide to hit the salad bar, try loading up on the eggs. Besides being delicious, scientists have discovered they can do something pretty unique to your body.

So what exactly is this "unique" combo capable of, you ask? According to research by American Society for Nutrition's, mixing cooked eggs with raw vegetables increases carotenoid absorption by up to nine times the normal amount. Real talk? Carotenoids are powerful antioxidants that can reduce your chance of developing some forms of cancer and chronic diseases, increase your life span and reduce inflammation in your body. Not too shabby eh?

So how many eggs should you have in your salad? Research is saying to aim to include two to three eggs in a salad. Don't forget your colourful veggies either! Dark green, red, purple, orange, or blue color are all signs that they’re rich in carotenoids!

Research has also been conducted showing that adding oil to salad increases the body's absorption of carotenoids, as well - just don't go overboard on the dressing!

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