One Thing You Do That Harms Your Health

And you are probably doing it right now. Did you know that prolonged sitting creates a list of health ailments, including depression, obesity, cancer, and heart disease? obesity1 And that it has been found that regular physical activity will not undo the risks of some of these health troubles if the amount of sitting taking place is not reduced? Unfortunately, many of us work in places that keep us tied down to desks for the greater part of the day. However, there are things that we CAN do to combat the effects that prolonged sitting has upon the body. images I have 4 tips that I've seen improve my own life: 1. As silly as it may sound, set an alarm to stand up every half hour and just move around. Maybe get in some stretching. I know I have been caught up with projects and completely forgotten about time altogether and later realized I had not moved in several hours. 2. Break up some short periods throughout the day for some activity. Take 5 to 10 minute breaks to get your blood moving. Not only will it help your body, but it will also help clear your mind and allow you to work more efficiently. I experienced with this idea in college during finals and found that I studied better and retained more material when I added spurts of activity throughout the day. 3. Try using a standing desk. Even if you don't use it all day, being able to stand to work will help improve your risk factors associated with sitting and possibly induce creativity. I tend to take my laptop to the kitchen counters for breaks and I have found that some of my better ideas have came about from this change of position. 4. Find excuses to be more active. Park further away. Take the stairs. Ride your bike to work or to run errands.   The main take-away? Don't rely on your one workout for the day to improve your health. Staying active throughout the day in combination with a daily workout will give your body and mind what it needs to be its best.

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