No One Way To Be Beautiful

This is a very cool story – the photoshop isn’t great, but the idea behind the images is strong enough that it doesn’t really matter. 24-year-old radio journalist Esther Honig came up with an idea while working with internationally based graphic designers, to do an experiment that explored international female beauty standards. She sent a self-portrait to a graphic designer in Sri Lanka with a simple request: “make me look beautiful”. She continued sending her picture to graphic designers in multiple countries with the same request. When confused she would elaborate by telling them to make her look like a woman from their country’s fashion magazines. Argentina Australia Bangladesh Germany Greece India Indonesia Israel Italy Kenya Morocco Pakistan Philippines Romania Serbia Sri Lanka U.K. Ukraine USA Venezuela Vietnam The results are very interesting, both in the similarities and differences from country to country, I especially take note that the USA drastically changed her bone structure in pursuit of beauty. It makes it clear that there is no one beauty standard, and that beauty is pretty undefinable. Honig wants to continue with the experiment as long as she can, saying, "There's so much to be told through this experiment… It's me, but it's not me. It's everyone." She’s received 27 responses so far with hopefully more to come.

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