The One Week Diet for Better Skin and a Flatter Tummy

It's easy to feel defeated by your skin and weight. You work out regularly, eat right, drink plenty of water and stick to a good skincare regimen. But even so, you look in the mirror and find things that simply don't add up. Your skin doesn't glow like it should, and perhaps your tummy isn't as flat as you'd like. What are you to do?! Nutritionist Fiona Kirk has created a plan that you can follow for 3-7 days to help with these specific problem areas. It's called the Super Skin Diet, and she recommends this well-devised plan if you're feeling a little thick around the waist or a little drained in your complexion from too much over indulgence and are looking to quickly get back on track.   Here's the breakdown. First Thing Beta Carotene Cocktail Every 2-3 Hours Throughout the Day Spinach and Watercress Soup or Apple, Almond, Leek and Celery Soup or Omega 3 Salad or Energy Salad   40 Minutes Before Bed Cherry Berry Booster Drinks Throughout the Day Still and/or sparkling water Rose Hip Tea   Supplements (optional and available in good health shops) 5g l-glutamine powder dissolved in a 500ml bottle of still water and sipped throughout the day (shake well before each sip) 2 Krill Oil capsules per day with food Do you already incorporate many of these foods and supplements into your diet? How do they have an effect on your overall wellbeing? Source: Daily Mail  

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