What One Woman Experiences Simply Because of the Man She Married

From the hatred that Tia Mowry receives daily, you'd think that she married a monster.  Perhaps a serial rapist or a death row convict.  She didn't.  Tia's husband just happens to be white. The Mowry sisters come from a mixed race family themselves.  Their mother is black and their father is white.  Tia says in her interview that they didn't see color-they saw family and they saw love.  Tia and Tamera receive racial slurs whenever they are in public.  Tia states she's been called a 'white man's whore' and she says the new one is, '20 years ago you would have cost $300 and now you're giving it to him for free.'  Tamera, whose husband is black, has even had people come up to her and state that her sister did the right thing by marrying a white man whereas she is the one who failed. Tia-Tamera-Launch-Milky-1 Its incredible the amount of ignorance and hatred that people still harbor.  Apparently we don't live in a post-racial United States when interracial marriages are still met with hate.  But no matter the level of hatred that may come-Tia and her husband are a great example of family-because at the end of the day what makes a family is love.  Family isn't even constrained by blood-why then should it be relegated to skin color?

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