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One Woman Lived Like Khloé Kardashian for a Week, This Is What Happened

November 19, 2015 7 min read

This woman lived like Khloé Kardashian for a week.
The Kardashians are constantly in the media spotlight. From who they're dating to what they're wearing, what they're eating to where they're working out, it's hard to keep up with all the changes! But, one woman wanted to know what it was really like to live like one of the clan for the day, so she took on the challenge of living like Khloé Kardashian for a week. Here's her story. "Once a month, I have a recurring dream that I meet Khloé Kardashian and we take an instant shine to each other," began Before the sequence is done, she's introducing me to Kourtney and Kim as her raddest new friend. But as she reaches for her phone, right before we can take a selfie, I wake up, ​covered in clamminess and regret. I'm not telling you this so you can judge me for having a seriously vapid subconscious, but so you understand why I was inspired to literally live out my dream. And if I can't meet the boldest, brassiest, most outspoken Kardashian sister, I thought, why not become her and then take my own gosh-darned selfie." Brie decided to grab a copy of Khloé's book,  Strong Looks Better Naked, and get going.

Part 1: The Workout

"Khlo-Money, as she refers to herself, begins every morning at 5 a.m. with some hardcore body blasting. I compromised with a 7 a.m. wake-up, hit snooze for 32 minutes, and then I, too was ready to get sweaty with my celebrity personal trainer Save the Last Dance soundtrack," Brie noted. She put on her new Amia Waist Trainer that Khloé swears by.
This woman lived like Khloé Kardashian for a week.
While Brie admits it was pretty uncomfortable, she did take notice of how it helped her posture.
This woman lived like Khloé Kardashian for a week.
She also found that, despite having a bit of trouble reaching down for equipment, working out with the waist trainer on wasn't so bad.
This woman lived like Khloé Kardashian for a week.
Though Brie felt tired after about six squats, she remembered a quote from Khloé's book. "Suffering is not caused by pain but by resisting pain." While the quote was in reference to dealing with her breakup from Lamar, Brie used the mantra for her workout nonetheless.
"By the end of my 30-minute instalment, I made the rookie mistake of weighing myself, thinking surely I must have dropped a solid 20 pounds in belly sweat alone," Brie said. "Feeling defeated by the number glaring back at me, my mind turned to a passage in Khloé's book: 'You're training for life. Stop looking at the numbers on the scale. This is about health, not numbers. And stop being in such a rush. There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs.'"

Part 2: The Diet

"Koko Loko, as North calls her favourite aunt (sorry, Kourt) begins each day with a black coffee," Brie noted. "Come 8 a.m., she has a big glass of water, oatmeal and a protein shake." Brie opted for a hard-boiled egg instead. But later, she had her first taste of Lyfe Tea, which is a teatox the Kardashians love.
This woman lived like Khloé Kardashian for a week.
Brie snacked on an apple with peanut butter at 11 a.m., like KK. And by lunchtime, at 1 p.m., she  scarffed down a Chinese chicken salad with the star's healthy recipe. At, she ate hummus, chopped veggies and edamame. At 7 p.m. it's dinnertime, and Brie ate steamed veggies and salmon, which she admitted was kind of boring, but it's the Khloé way! "As a special treat, I make myself a Kris Jenner Kocktail, which is a vodka-soda, but I felt like less of a heathen draining it on a school night, knowing it has such a klassy name. Luckily, the elixir makes me forget about the fishy smell lingering in my shoebox flat," Brie said. "At 9, she delights in a bowl of fruit with plain Greek yogurt, but I didn't feel like waking up all dairy gassy so I skipped that too. Plus, if I'm going to spike my glycemic levels while I'm trying to unwind, I at least want chocolate to be involved. Instead, I have some berry-infused water (Khlo keeps about 12 different bottles in her fridge, which I'm totally adapting)."
This woman lived like Khloé Kardashian for a week.
  "All in all, her diet is very much doable. I repeated it for the rest of the week, knowing I'd be slipping into a whole lot of bodycon by the end, and admittedly I did feel more lithe, if a bit bored."

Part 3: H &M

No, not the store. This is what Khloé calls her hair and makeup time. Brie says her own regimen usually only takes up about 15 minutes of her time. She admits, however, her beauty routine is not all that special. "I grew up in a hair salon, watching my single mom stylist beautify folks every day. You'd think I would have picked up a thing or two but I am absolutely clueless when it comes to makeup application. Or maybe I've actively stayed ignorant over the years because I'm afraid that once I start learning how to wear foundation, the one day I stop, everyone will ask if I'm feeling sick. I'd rather pallid be my signature look." To take on Khloé's H&M, she decided to recruit some pros. "First came the spray tan, which according to an insider, the sistahs K do once a week. But it couldn't be any old misting. I'm too method for that. Hot off spray painting the Victoria's Secret goddesses for their annual fashion show — ​which didn't make me feel self-conscious at all —artist to the stars, Krystin Pradas came to my studio for some private bronzing time. Forty minutes later, my pasty pooch had a lovely glow. Bonus: I got to keep the disposable underwear she gifted me. And although I smelled vaguely of livestock, I did look about 2 pounds slimmer." Makeup was next for Brie. She recruited an artist from Glamsquad.
This woman lived like Khloé Kardashian for a week.
Brie said the amount of makeup put on her felt like a face mask that her husband could not stand, but, for someone who is in the spotlight and subject to unforgiving lights and constant cameras, it makes sense for KK. Later, she put on her semi blonde wig that she is certain did not look good on her. [bctt tweet="One Woman Lived Like Khloé Kardashian for a Week, This Is What Happened"]

Part 4: Fashion

Brie prefers loose-fitting attire, and was a bit hesitant to take on KK's go-to outfits, including her obsession with body-con. "As a child chubette myself with the sartorial sense of a Mennonite, I've long admired her confidence, coupled with her cardinal brand of DGAF attitude."
This woman lived like Khloé Kardashian for a week.
"So, I blasted some Kanye, wriggled my banana loaf into some industrial strength Spanx, and pretended that my baby maker was not in fact showing for my first ensemble (baby maker, not pictured)."
This woman lived like Khloé Kardashian for a week.
Then she slipped on a revealing jumpsuit.
This woman lived like Khloé Kardashian for a week.
Brie was worried about her boobs falling out, however, and wondered what crazy glue KK has in her closet that keeps her set looking so perfect. She was also self-conscious of whether her chest looked perky enough to be wearing such an outfit, feeling fairly sure it didn't. "Khloé​, who is famous for her candour, lives by the concept that honesty won't hurt a person if it comes from a loving place. So, standing there, lopsided, in front of a stained white curtain that separates my kitchen from my bed-living room, I asked my husband to tell me if I really looked as gross as I thought I did."
His response?  "You've seen better days." As she tried not to fall in her sky-high heels making her way to the fridge, she remembered another quote from KK's book. "Face your pain, don't run from it." Brie took the advice to heart.
This woman lived like Khloé Kardashian for a week.
"Exhausted from sucking in and trying to reflect the aura of a self-actualised woman who refuses to smile in photos, while feeling decidedly not fierce, I peeled off the weaponised footwear and the bandage dresses and let the athleisure part of the night take hold. Because if there's anything Khlo likes more than showing off her assets, it's perfecting permanently-headed-to-the-gym chic."

Part 5: Selfie Time

Brie has never taken a selfie before. But ... there's a first time for everything. First thing's first: preparation. "I start my morning by applying my coffin-style press-on nails (Since when are there so many different nail shapes, by the way? What happened to square or round?) but didn't take into account that once these talons were on, I couldn't pop in contacts, zip my trousers, or, ya know, hold my phone."
This woman lived like Khloé Kardashian for a week.
"Khlo says negativity begets negativity and no one wants to be around that, so after three minutes, instead of letting those monstrosities make me cranky, I just ripped them off. Because I'm a grown-up. I make the rules. There, that's better. But it only took one snap for me to start feeling bad about myself."
This woman lived like Khloé Kardashian for a week.
Brie felt dumb not smiling, and was self-conscious of her "mismatched" eyebrows.
This woman lived like Khloé Kardashian for a week.
"Suddenly wrapped up in a hideous feedback loop of narcissism and insecurity, while trying to capture an image that made me look half as good as I do when I'm grinning in a group of friends, I was reminded that Kimmy K once said it takes 1,200 selfies to take a decent one, and she has them professionally edited, no less. This makes me feel simultaneously better and worse. The time it takes to snap 1,200 wannabe sultry selfies would be better spent doing literally anything else."
This woman lived like Khloé Kardashian for a week.
Thirty minutes later and Brie thought she got a good one ... minus the toilet paper!
This woman lived like Khloé Kardashian for a week.
"Earlier today, when a colleague reached for my phone, I snatched it back so quickly it may as well have had an album of peen pics on it. I was so embarrassed that she might see one of the 127 selfies I'd taken."
This woman lived like Khloé Kardashian for a week.
Brie discovered that selfies are most definitely not her thing.

Part 6: Spirituality and Reflection

As opposed to catching up on TV in the morning, Brie decided to do like KK and journal while jogging. "After she's done, she tears up the passages. It's because she's worried the paparazzi will find them, but it also ties in nicely to what she says about second chances (she's a big believer in them)." Brie was reminded of yet another passage from KK's book."​Every day is a clean page; every day is a another opportunity to write a new story. It's your story. Write the story you want to live."​ Of Brie's experiences, she found that, despite her admiration for Khloé, she certainly has no interest in living a similar life. "I now know for certain that the facade of Khlo's life is not what I'm after, but I did learn from her core values​ — ​from the way she lives with real integrity. She says she 'works every day at silencing the nagging voice that says you'll fail.'​ And so did I. This week, I went the extra mile to actually take care of myself, to go to the gym in the morning, and to not beat myself up the days I skipped. Heck, I even stopped drinking. Well, for four days, but it was a start." Would you ever desire to live a lifestyle like Khloe K?
Source: Cosmopolitan

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