How One Woman Lost 60 Pounds Without Giving Up Her Life

When you think of weight loss goals, you think of all the things you'll need to cut out to drop those pounds. No more bread, no more cheese, no more wine, no more cookies, no more happy hours, no more dining out. Friday nights at the gym. Bed at 8pm. You imagine your life being chiseled down to that of a hamster on a wheel with nothing but seeds and water to live off of. Christine Sokaluk was no exception. She tried every trend in the book to whittle her waist down, but to no avail. "I'd be so eager to start a new weight loss program, feeling like nothing could stop me, only to find myself at the drive-thru ordering my usual super-sized meal 30 minutes later," explained the 38-year-old. "I felt like a failure." weight loss And while the past 17 years of diet fails have kept her from getting the body she wants, it was this past January, when she stepped on the scale only to find she was the heaviest that she had ever been, at 370 pounds, that had her changing the way she saw her body and the need for not just weight loss, but an overall lifestyle change. weight loss Her first rule was to give up on dieting. "This time, I wanted to start slow," she explained. "I decided that I'd take on one new healthy habit every four weeks." She started off with making her breakfast healthy, switching her typical fast food choices for a protein shake. "It only took me four minutes to make and I actually enjoyed it," Sokaluk said. Feeling encouraged that her first step worked, she then went on to incorporate more protein into her diet to boost her metabolism. Twenty pounds down in three months, she felt empowered to take on another goal: exercise. "Now, I'm boxing twice a week for 90 minutes and doing YouTube cardio workouts daily," she said. And now, with eight months past, she has lost a total of 60 pounds and continues to feel encouraged to implement new goals to help her continue on her weight loss journey. weight loss Have you ever found that when it comes to weight loss, slow and steady wins the race? Source: Prevention    

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