How One Woman Put An End To Her Stress Eating And Lost 100 Pounds

Hannah Casey noticed that things began to change when she went off to college. She told Women's Health that stress eating was the big culprit. "I would buy a box of extra-butter popcorn and eat all six bags in one sitting," she says. Yo-yo dieting only made it all much worse. "I became the queen of fads and quick fixes. If I read that drinking grapefruit juice for a week would help you lose a few pounds, then I did it." In January 2011, she had hit 248 pounds, suffering from joint pain, high blood pressure and digestive issues. When she wasn't able to close her size 20 pants, she started to blog about her weightloss journey to hold herself accountable. "Knowing I had to post my weight each Monday was an incredible motivator," she says. Three months into this process she was diagnosed as having celiac disease. No gluten and no more dining out. She switched from processed foods to homemade whole food meals. With this move, she lost 40 pounds in just 4 months! Now, at 146 pounds, Hannah is enjoying her life and doing things she's always wanted to do, like get scuba diving certified. She says, "The tank and equipment weigh between 40 and 50 pounds, it is incredibly humbling to realize that I used to carry twice that much extra weight on my frame on a daily basis." Good on ya, Hannah! Here is how she did it: •   Fix your drinking problem. "Don't waste a day's worth of sugar or calories on something you can chug in five minutes. Swap soda or sweet tea for water or unsweetened tea." •   Beware of health halos. "Going gluten-free doesn't always equal weight loss. A lot of these products are more calorically dense than their wheat counterparts. Instead, I focus on organic foods." •   Move more today than you did yesterday. "Walk 10 more steps, park one space farther away, or do one more jumping jack. You will look back in just a handful of months and be amazed at how far you've come!" Sometimes, it is the little things that make all the difference. I'm inspired, how about you?

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