One Woman's Experience With a Partner Who Has a Penile Implant

Women tend to be in the spotlight regularly for taking hold of medical improvements. From boob jobs to vaginal rejuvenation, we're really not afraid of undergoing procedures to feel better and look better. So, why shouldn't it be the same for men? penile implant "I recently met a guy with a sexual secret," Anka Radakovich recounts on Men's Health. "He was 39, in great shape, and in his spare time was a CrossFit athlete. But he had diabetes, and he told me that it made him impotent. After a few years of taking Viagra and Cialis, the pills just didn’t work for him anymore. So he got a penile implant; the female equivalent of a boob job—a 'boner job,' if you will. If you're tilting your head thinking, "I've never heard of such a thing!" then you're not alone. It's not as out in the world as, say a boob job, hence the idea of it being called a "sexual secret." "The implant consists of two plastic rods that go into the penis and an attached reservoir filled with saline solution is placed in the lower stomach. Then a pump with a valve is implanted in their scrotum," she goes on. So how apparent are these two plastic rods? Will it totally throw you off when you're tangled in the sheets with someone? Not so says Dr. William Brant, M.D. a urologist and advisor to, who specializes in the procedure. “Some single or divorced men who are in new relationships don’t even tell their partners they have the implant, and their partners never find out.” As for this one female writer's feelings on it? She admits that it didn't take away from her experience with the man who had it. In fact, it felt totally "normal." Have you heard or been told about an experience with penile implants before? Source: Men's Health Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_110461" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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