One Woman's Nightmare: "I Found Out The Man I Love Is Married"

It is every woman's worst nightmare. Your partner, the person you have fallen head over heels for, is married to someone else. They live a life unbeknownst to you, and have scammed their way into your heart. For one woman (we'll call her Gwen), this was her very reality. In an online forum, Gwen reached out to the internet for advice. Her story was classic. She had met the man while studying abroad, and carried on a long distance relationship with him for two years. But suddenly, she found a secret he had been trying to hide. She saw a suspicious post from a friend of his on his social media account, and through some stealthy searching she discovered what appeared to be wedding photos featuring him and a beautiful woman in white. When she confronted her boyfriend, he explained they were from an event at his university and were definitely not wedding photos. In fact, in his adamant denial, he gave a very detailed description of the event and laughed off Gwen's suspicions as ludicrous. But after a few days and some deeper searching, she found even more photos. This time, they clearly displayed the cutting of the cake, and Gwen knew she was being completely fooled. After breaking it off with her man, it took time for her to heal from this ultimate betrayal. social media "Crazily enough, that part of me that cares about him is even a little glad that he found someone he really loves. But I don't know what my tomorrow morning will be like without a good morning text from him, without hearing his voice." Gwen expressed to her forum following. Have you ever been in this situation or know someone who has? Share your stories, thoughts and opinions on this relationship horror story!   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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