An Open Letter to the Boob Job Haters

When we posted our take on why we use the "provocative" photos that we do here at BodyRock we received many comments from audience members. We could not help but feel appalled at some of the judgmental comments directly aimed at Lisa Marie's breasts and boobs jobs in general. What is the big deal how someone else's breast look? anigif_enhanced-buzz-2942-1366673535-7 The comments included: "I want to see REAL women WITHOUT the damn BOOB JOBS. THESE ladies are plastered with oil and tanning lotions. They work hard sure but if you wore that much lotion and makeup to work out, YUCK. Nobody oils up before they work out." "Realistically when you workout a lot, you end up going down in breast size and so the "sexiness" of the photo, isn't realistic to everyone. BUT if it motivates people to think this is how they will look, I guess that is ok. But I rather respect fitness models more that understand that showing your hard work, doesn't mean being borderline pornography." "Why would I be jealous of someone who is not happy with their own body and has numerous operations to attain it. You people are sheep worshiping at the alter of vanity." bQ5w1 Whoa. Catty, much? If you think about it, a boob job is not THAT much different than putting on makeup everyday. Or coloring your hair. Or getting a tattoo. Or your ears pierced. Or tanning. They are all body modifications, people. And they are all elective. It is your body and your business. Just because you wouldn't get a boob job or can't stand them does not mean another woman is wrong for having one. [bctt tweet="An Open Letter to the Boob Job Haters"] If you think that getting a boob job makes you "fake" or "unrealistic" then I suggest you quit wearing your makeup, coloring or cutting your hair, or any other type of improvements or changes to your physical appearance. bQ5w1 Women get boob jobs for all kinds of reasons-sometimes for the right ones and sometimes for the wrong ones:
  • Some naturally have small boobs and want them bigger.
  • Some have had a mastectomy due to breast cancer and would like to feel feminine again.
  • Some are weightlifters or fitness competitors who lost all of their body fat-including their natural boobs. They want their feminine features back also.
  • Some have had several pregnancies and breastfed several children which left their breasts practically empty.
  • Some have lost a ton of weight and sag; therefore, they want to improve that.
  • Some are porn stars and feel the need to have them due to the industry.
  • Some are pressured by their husbands, boyfriends, or even society to get one because they are told they will be "more attractive."
  • Some have body dysmorphia.
  • Some are insecure and unhappy with their bodies.
  • Some just want them big just to be big.
  • Some don't have a reason at all.
Who gives a shit why someone gets one. It is not your body, so why do you care? anigif_enhanced-buzz-2942-1366673535-7 Getting a boob job does not:
  • make you any less of a woman.
  • make you ugly.
  • make you fake.
  • make you cheap.
  • make you slutty.
  • make you stupid or a "bimbo."
  • make you vain.
Believe it or not, not all women get boob jobs because they are insecure or unhappy. If you think like that, then you are sorely mistaken. "But you should just love what God gave you and accept yourself for what you look like instead of changing things.'" anigif_enhanced-buzz-2942-1366673535-7 Okay. Do you wear makeup or color your hair because you are unhappy or insecure with your natural beauty? If that's the case then you just need to stop and accept yourself the way you are. ACTUALLY, why do you even wear make up, color your hair, or pierce your ears anyway? Exactly. bQ5w1 Ask yourself and I bet you that many women who get boob jobs do it for the very same reasons, too: to enhance your look.  And to comment on the post that said "Why would I be jealous of someone who is not happy with their own body and has numerous operations to attain it?":  anigif_enhanced-buzz-2942-1366673535-7 If you are so happy with your body and the way it is, why are you on our page? Why do you want to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, or keep your body in shape? Would you be unhappy if it weren't in such great shape? You are taking strides to create happiness within yourself-inside and OUTWARD-to feel and look your best. anigif_enhanced-buzz-2942-1366673535-7 Breast enhancement does the same-just in a different way. If you do not like breast enhancements, good for you! That is completely okay to have that opinion. We love opinions. anigif_enhanced-buzz-2942-1366673535-7   However, we do not condone or appreciate negativity on the page. You do not know a person's reasoning, struggle, or story. Point is-everyone has their own personal vision of what makes them look and feel beautiful. bQ5w1 It is not always right or for the right reasons, but who are we to judge? Simple as that. Sincerely, The BodyRock Team For those of you who do not want or have surgery as an option, here are 3 moves to build your pectoral muscles for perkier ta-tas! [caption id="attachment_123839" align="alignnone" width="100"]@BodyRockTV @BodyRockTV[/caption] [caption id="attachment_123838" align="alignnone" width="100"]instagram logo @BodyRockOfficial[/caption]

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