Organic Kids!

This post is for all of the parents! Nutrition is super important to me, especially when it comes to my daughter who is 3 and a half! I buy clean, organic, and nutritional food as much as possible! Here are a few of my favorite brands for organic kid friendly snacks and food! Earth's Best Earths best was a go to for me when my daughter was younger because aside from homemade baby food, I purchased the jars of baby food from this brand and I was very pleased. The snacks, drinks, and baby food were very much a favorite. Peter Rabbit Organics We've all seen those squeezable pouches with apple sauce, veggies, and fruit, right? A favorite brand of mine to get those in is 'Peter Rabbit'.  They are organic and have a ton of different flavors! Kids love them! Annie's Another favorite brand is 'Annie's home grown'. I purchase many different things from this brand. I get snack crackers, fruit snacks, mac and cheese, and many other things. Those are great for kids during snack time and it's all organic! Mac and cheese is a rarity in our house but when we  do make it this is our brand! Do you have any kid friendly favorites?  

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