Organization Tips For Your Fridge

If you’re up for a good ol’ fridge cleaning, and looking to maximize your fridge usage, then here are some tips for the best way to organize your refrigerator from some kitchen experts. Upper Shelves:
  • leftovers
  • drinks
  • yogurt, cheese, deli meats
  • any other “ready-to-eat” foods
Lower Shelves:
  • Raw ingredients slated for cooked dishes
  • condiments
* quick tip: since the door is the warmest part of the fridge, avoid putting milk or eggs there. fridgetips2 Drawers:
  • meat and veggies, if they are stacked, make sure the meat is on the bottom drawer, if you need both crisper drawers for veggies, then make your own meat “drawer” with a clear plastic bin, to protect from contamination.
Fridge-tips3 These tips are based on how professional kitchens organize their fridges, bearing in mind the temperature the foods need to be cooked to, ie, leftovers at the top, and chicken, which needs to be cooked more thoroughly, at the bottom. I personally have a smaller meat drawer higher up in my fridge, but since I’m a vegetarian I use mine for all my veggie meats, I also think that there could be some other ways to organize your fridge, maybe for efficiency rather than cooking temperature? It’s an interesting concept nonetheless, and I’ll definitely have to move my eggs.  

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