We thought it was just a rumor, but apparently it’s fact: Some women have orgasmic births.

A survey of midwives and doctors in the journal Sexologies suggests that some women do actually orgasm during labour. This exciting phenomenon is only experienced by about 0.3% of women.

Some people, like Debra Pascali-Bonaro, the maker of the documentary 'Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret', says more women should attempt to get their kicks during labour. She is seconded by world-renowned British midwife Caroline Flint and professor of psychology at Rutgers University, Barry Komisaruk, who believe that stimulation during birth helps lessen the pain of labour. It is suggested that husbands should try nipple and clitoral stimulation.

Komisaruk points out that when women organism, their uterus contracts, and this feels pleasurable. As the baby comes through the birth canal, it is following the same path as the penis going in. Combine this with the uterine contractions and the endorphins and oxytocin (i.e. love hormone) released during orgasms and birth, and presto! Orgasm.

In fact, women can orgasm many times during birth. Each orgasm lasts about 10-15 seconds. Dr Komisaruk and his researchers found that sexual stimulation and climaxing during labour decrease the pain of giving birth. Experiencing birth as sexual could actually make it much more enjoyable.

Bonaro agrees, saying, 'It's a culture where some women actually feel shamed that they have pleasure, because the expectation is pain. We have to change that.”

OK, we get it. Less pain is good, and women should not be ashamed of experiencing pleasure. We're behind that 100%. Still, we've done a quick poll of our mommy friends, and many (not all) felt that the last thing they wanted during birth was to have anyone touching them - husbands included - let alone trying to sexually stimulate them. On the other hand, if it happened organically, them by all means, bring it on.

In the end, birth seems to be like pregnancy, and life for that matter - everyone experiences it differently.



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