Orgasmic Meditation: An Orgasmic Experience

Orgasmic meditation, also known as 'om-ing' could be the new yoga, according to founder Nicole Daedone. This practice aims to to bring women to climax through stimulating the parts of the brain that cause orgasms.

According to Dr Pooja Lakshmin, an associate researcher at Rutgers University, 'The same parts of the brain that are activated during deep meditative states get activated during orgasm.'

Daedone believes that orgasm builds roots for connection between people. She founded OneTaste mediation centres, which serve as learning centres for 'Om-ing'. During the classes, people practice 'om-ing' in groups. It is also possible to do this individually or in private.

Om-ing is not to be confused with purely mental climaxing, which can be done alone. In Daedone’s practice, couples dedicate themselves specifically to the art of the female orgasm. One and ten women never experience orgasm, and for some, ‘om-ing’ has helped them achieve intimacy as well as orgasm.

Daedone knows that 'om-ing' may seem strange and surprising to some people - after all, couples are pleasuring each other in groups - but she also says that yoga was thought of as unusual and surprising in the West 3 decades ago.

We don’t know if orgasmic mediation is so much surprising as not for everyone. Check it out for yourself:

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