Origin of the Sports Bra

It’s time for a history lesson. Let me bring you back to an ancient time, when sports bras did not exist, where women’s bosoms’ were forced to bounce about in less than accommodating brassieres whilst exercising. Let’s go back into the distant past… 1977. Yeah. Did you know that the sports bra wasn’t invented until 1977? Because I certainly did not. The inventor is still alive in fact – Lisa Lindhal, University of Vermont grad, and frequent runner. Lindhal’s pre-sports bra solution? Doubling up on bras, or wearing a size too small for proper support. No. Just no. There was the “Free Swing Tennis Bra” in 1975, as a precursor to the sports bra, but if you engaged in any activity more vigorous than tennis or golf, then your pointer sisters were out of luck. sportsbrafreeswing The original sports bra, or jockbra as it was called then, has a bit of a funny origin story. After getting input from her sister, and enlisting the help of costume designer Polly Smith, it took Lindhal’s husband parading around with an upside down jock strap on his chest to really get the ball rolling. That’s basically what women needed – the support and comfort of a jock strap. The next day Polly Smith sewed two jockstraps together, and the rest is history.   Sources: http://greatist.com/discover/sports-bra-history http://regressing.deadspin.com/a-brief-history-of-the-sports-bra-1444194875

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