Overcoming Emotional Eating

Some time ago, I wrote a blog about Emotional Eating, but I have been able to sit down and follow-up to this. I want to discuss how you can overcome Emotional eating. Most people suffer from this, me included. We turn to food to comfort us in our time of need whether it is because we are sad, mad or just beside ourselves. There are ways to overcome Emotional Eating. You need to be willing to break the habit and turn to healthier foods in your time of need. One thing you could do, in a severe case, is speak to psychologist to help overcome this. They can help guide you in ways to stop Emotional Eating and become a healthier happier you. Sometimes it takes having a non-bias person to talk to about your problems. Being able to talk your problems out, helps comfort you so you do not turn to food as comfort.  People tend to hold things in, which make matters worse causing you to sink deeper and deeper. This can lead a person to do things they should not do including Emotional eating. Talking to someone relieves that and makes things easier. Also, talking to someone takes the stress, worry and sadness away so you do not make poor decisions. Another way to overcome emotional eating is to find other things that make you happy beside food. There are other ways to get your frustration out and comfort yourself beside food or talking to a physiologist, not to mention, it’s cheaper than talking to a professional. You can take your frustration out during a good workout or writing in a journal. Working out helps improve mood along with other things. Working out and eating right lead to you becoming confident in yourself along with impressing yourself on what you accomplished. Working out has so many benefits to it, which will be saved for another time. Keeping “comfort food” out of your home is another way to help overcome Emotional Eating. Not having the foods you would normally turn to for comfort would not be so readily available. For me, if the food is not in my apartment, I am too lazy to go out and get it, so it makes it easier to stay away from it. It’s hard to keep my comfort food out of the house, since my boyfriend will bring it home or request me to buy some for him. Then the discipline kicks in. I use mind over matter to not eat it, but it is hard especially when I am in the mood for it. I think about my accomplishments and look at how long it took me to get to where I am, so I force myself to stay away from it. I have tried to limit my comfort food eating to once a week, which it is okay to do once a week. Everything in moderation is okay and healthy to do. Letting yourself have comfort food at least once a week will also help you overcome emotional eating. If you have it once in a while you will not binge on it later on. These are the top ways to stop emotional eating. The healthier you eat, the more you will turn to healthy food as your comfort. There are many healthy substitutes you can turn to as a comfort. You just need to be strong enough to 1.) Admit you have a problem, 2.) Face the problem 3.) Fix the problem and 4.) Be proud when you do.  

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