Do Overly-Sexualized Female Celebs Need to Tone It Down?

The life of a celebrity involves getting the right amount of attention. Some celebrities become environmental activists or healthy living enthusiasts in order to send a positive message to those who are giving them attention. And some celebrities twerk. miley cyrus It's not that I have a problem with Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian or whoever has been most recently captured naked. Miley seems like a cool chick in my opinion, she's around my age and I think she's just trying to find we all are. But that doesn't mean her behaviour in the media isn't having an impact on her younger, more impressionable fans. 20 year old up and comer Niykee Heaton has a powerful singing voice, but unfortunately her Instagram focuses primarily on her bare butt cheeks and sultry topless photos. While the beautiful singer is using this attention getting tactic to form a large follower base and get ahead in the industry, she admits posting nudes hasn't always worked in her favour. niykee “Pretty much every male who reached out to me in the music business had ulterior motives.” says Niykee.   She explains, "[Fans will] come and look at my bikini pics, and then they’ll click on my Soundcloud and love my music.” niykee heaton They say "sex" sells, and it's very true. But although it's worked for so many years, perhaps we're being oversold. Over-saturated. Overexposed. Loving your body is one thing, but using it as an attention getting object to push record sales (or...waist trainers? I don't know what Kim K wants to push.) has to be sending a pretty warped message to girls. Sound off in the comments! What are your opinions on today's young female celebs posing nude or making sexual music videos?

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