OWN your judgement day....

I want to discuss the importance of embracing what you want and who you are. This blog isn’t necessarily about your training but more about the mental and emotional effects you may need to overcome while on your journey to a happier and healthier you. Now when I say happier and healthier… I am talking about no one else but a YOURSELF. The fastest way to fail at something is to try and please everyone. My advice instead is to do what ever it is that makes you happy and builds your new healthy life and stay true to yourself. So many of my clients over the years, who have lost amazing amounts of weight have in fact had the difficulty of dealing with negative feedback. It always surprises me, as I can’t see how people wouldn’t be proud and happy for a loved one choosing to do something positive for their health. Being their trainer I KNOW they have achieved their goals none other than from hard work and a healthy nutritional balance, yet there will always be people in their lives trying to push them off the wagon. My clients are in NO way restricted but in their own right making choices to not take part in activities/situations that might be detrimental to their own goal. This is turn means that they get thrown a lot of “slack” or sometimes that their friends and family are “worried” about them. Even some will say that you have become to “vain”. As a trainer who endorses healthy and balanced lifestyles it’s sad to see that the support network out there for some people is not so supportive at all.  For each and every one of my clients their own personal goals are the most important thing to our training. I believe it is a trainers’ job to believe that you will achieve your goal, sometimes long before you even believe you can do it yourself. You will always get negative feedback within the community but so long as you know your values and beliefs and you know you are aiming for success for the right reasons…. Then that is all that will matter. When you start getting faced with the disheartening words from others just remember why you started à to build a happier and healthier life. The people in your life who matter will stand tall beside you and support you. Let the people who try to tear your down just fall around you… as when you reach your success you know that you have all the right people in your life to continue your journey J What you must remember is that YOU have chosen this path to created the BEST possible version of YOU! How you respond to people’s opinions (and believe me, everyone has one) is up to you. Commit to your goal and do not stop until you achieve it! Over and out   SazzyPT xox   IMG_4018

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