Pain-Killing Foods #13: Yogurt

Men may not be familiar with the pain of PMS, but women know just how unbearable things can get around that time of the month. There are a number of remedies to help you deal with the pain of PMS, one of which happens to be an ideal breakfast food: yogurt. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="644"] Source:[/caption] Yogurt isn't just tasty, but you'll find that having a cup or two of the stuff a day can help to reduce PMS symptoms by as much as 48%! A study conducted at Yale found that the female body is sensitive to the drastic changes in hormones (estrogen and progesterone) that happen every month. But adding yogurt into the mix will help to calm the nervous system, preventing it from being irritated by the hormonal changes. Just 2 cups of the stuff--sugar-free, all-natural, full-fat of course!--will help to manage the symptoms of your PMS, reducing them and allowing you to survive the few days of menstruating. Definitely a remedy worth trying out on your next period!  
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