Pain-Killing Foods #18: Horseradish

Horseradish isn't just that powerful, nose-blasting stuff that your mother used to put in her sandwich, or that the Japanese put on their sushi. It's actually quite an effective pain-management remedy! For those with a painful sinus infection, horseradish makes a wonderful remedy to deal with both the pain and infection. Horseradish encourages your body to flush out your sinuses, getting rid of the mucus stored in your nasal passages. Seeing as the bacteria causing the infection are living in that mucus, it helps to flush out the bacteria as well. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="580"] Source:[/caption] Did you know that horseradish has mild antibiotic properties? It can also promote elimination of urine, and is an effective remedy for treating urinary tract infections--which can be VERY painful. If you apply horseradish to your joints, you'll find that it makes a wonderful topical treatment for arthritis. It can even help to soothe irritated nerves, and will dull the pain of inflamed joints. You can use horseradish in a poultice to prevent infections from setting into wounds.  
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