Pain-Killing Foods #19: Tomato Juice

Many people use tomato juice as a means of dealing with the pain of traveling on a longhaul flight, though it's probably the vodka they mix with it that makes it effective. However, it turns out that tomato juice is useful for more than just a Bloody Mary, but drinking tomato juice can help you to deal with sunburns. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="637"] Source:[/caption] After spending a long day under the hot sun, your poor burned skin is likely going to be very sensitive to the slightest touch. Applying a paste of tomato juice and honey can help to soothe the burned skin, and can help to ease the pain of your sunburn. Eating tomatoes every day floods your body with lycopene, a nutrient that can protect your body against sunburn--as well as reduce your risk of painful prostate cancer. Tomato juice is also an effective remedy to help you deal with leg cramps. The potassium in the juice will help to reduce the risk of cramps, which happen when there is a potassium deficiency in your body.  
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