Pain-Killing Foods #7: Sage

Sage is an herb that I love to cook with. It tastes great on chicken, and mixing it with a bit of butter and rosemary makes one heck of a baked potato! It turns out that sage also has medicinal properties, and it has been around since the days of Ancient Egypt. Not only was it used to stop wounds from bleeding, but it was recommended to help deal with the pain of stomach ulcers and sores. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Source:[/caption] Sage tea is also a powerful painkiller that can help to deal with the pain of a sore throat. Brew the herb into a tea and either swallow or gargle it, and you'll find that the compounds in the herb will help to reduce the swelling and pain in your throat! Sage contains special antiseptic properties, making it very useful to help you to treat intestinal problems. If you have a painful infection in your intestines, you'll find that eating sage or drinking sage tea can help to calm the pain and ease your digestive tract. It also has a relaxant effect, meaning it can soothe tight, strained muscles. Sage can even help to reduce menopause symptoms!  
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