Pain-Killing Foods #9: Whiskey

Whiskey has long been used as a relief for pain--both physical pains (we've all seen those old movies where cowboys downed whiskey before a painful medical procedure) and emotional pains (the expression "drown your sorrows in a bottle" comes from whiskey-drinkers). But perhaps there is a good reason for using whiskey as a pain-reliever. Whiskey was often recommended as a treatment for the common cold. In fact, some of the earliest "medicines" peddled in the West were little more than alcoholic beverages bottled up all fancy-like. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="626"] Source:[/caption] However, there's science to back up the claims as well. A Cornell University study found that just 2-ounces of 90-proof whiskey was able to raise a person's pain threshold by 45% for up to two hours. If you take an aspirin tablet as well, you can extend the effects for up to 4 hours. No wonder people feel invincible after drinking whiskey! Gargling with whiskey can help to treat a sore throat, or adding a spoonful to warm water will also do the trick.  
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