Paleo Friendly Burgers: 4 Delicious Veggie-Based Buns

Do you find that counting calories can seem overwhelming when every time you want a sandwich or burger, you have to add the calories for the bread? At your next meal, try swapping out those high-calorie buns for mushrooms, lettuce, or even sweet potatoes (for more creative ideas, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan). Tomato Buns Whether you are gluten free, Paleo, or low carb, a tomato can be your go-to option. Even a Japanese chain is serving burgers on tomato buns. This is a great summertime lunch. Lettuce Buns All you need is some lettuce and you can fill up on protein. Between the burger itself and the lettuce acting as a bun, you will be able to slim down in no time. Sweet Potato Buns This is a Paleo favourite! Some people even say that these taste better than burgers with hamburger buns. Cook some sweet potato in the same pan as your burgers for added taste. Zucchini Buns Who would have thought you could substitute hamburger buns for zucchini buns? All you need to do is grill up some zucchini in the shape of a hamburger bun and you’re all set! What is your favourite kind of burger? Source: Shape  

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