Paper Dresses

I don’t even like kids and I think this is adorable. This 4-year-old girl and her mom make paper dresses in order to recreate red carpet looks. paperdresses4 If I ever have children it will a) be accidental, and b) result in a child exactly like this. (Or I’d just use her as a doll, regardless of her interest in fashion or celebrities. See? Terrible mother material) paperdresses5 Adorable, yes? BUT ALSO, how telling is this of the effects of celebrities on young kids. I mean, this girl is four and she’s already mimicking J Law. Her mother obviously streamlines what it is she actually imitates, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing any nude body suits and foam finger combinations. STILL, a good note for all the Miley Cyrus types out there, clean up the act – for the children. paperdresseselsa I really hope she does a bunch more after the Oscars last night. The Academy Awards is like Christmas for film nerds, so already I’m stoked, but if this kid does a Meryl Streep or Amy Adams recreation, it’ll just be icing on the cake. paperdresses2 Follow @2sisters_angie on instagram to keep seeing these amazing creations, or check out her blog “Fashion by Mayhem”, I know I will.  

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