"Paralyzed By My Make-Up Brush!" 4 Beauty Nightmares You MUST Read

We never think of the dangers of beauty treatment. From aggressive infections, to skin ravaging face masks, these horrific beauty treatments gone wrong are true nightmares! #4 will leave you cringing! #1 "My Brazilian wax gave me an STI!" waxing After a standard Brazilian wax, Maddie Rubin was a little wigged out when she started noticing small bumps around her bikini line. She went to the doctor fearing it was herpes. Luckily, her fear was somewhat alleviated when she was told it was a common STI infection, and treatable. The doctor noted that these infections are usually caused by double-dipping aestheticians. Maddie now carefully screens beauty salons when it comes to waxing that area! #2 "Hair extensions put a hole in my head!" tina For Tina Campbell, hair extensions were supposed to make life easier. But instead, they left her with a hole in her head and severely bandaged up on her 29th birthday. After getting her extensions sewn in with an infected needle, Tina suffered from boils on her head which eventually burst, leaving open sores. The boils even spread to other areas of her body where they were surgically removed! Yikes! #3 "My make up brush paralyzed me!" makeup brush A highly aggressive infection radically changed Jo Gilchrist's life forever. And Jo says a make up brush is to blame. After borrowing a contouring brush from a friend, she began feeling numbness on her face and soon began spreading throughout her body. Terrified, Jo realized her friend had been suffering from a staph infection at the time. Unfortunately the effects are irreversible for the Australian mother of two. #4 "My facial mask ravaged my skin!" Juli, a beauty blogger, was excited to relax and rejuvenate with a facial from a local salon. After two days of gleaming post-facial bliss, Juli started noticing breakouts. These weren't just any blemishes, these aggressive little pimples began covering her entire face. The pain was excruciating, even a gentle touch burned. Eventually with a daily face mask, Juli brought her skin back to normal. It was one of the most difficult few weeks of her life. Share your beauty horror stories with us! We want to hear them!  

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