Parent Puts Cat In Daughter's Crop Top to Show How Ridiculously Small It Is!

A crochet "bra top" is a trendy piece of clothing bought on by a 16 year old girl. The beach look of the top promises to be the essential summer piece every teenage style seeker needs to have in their collection. But the top, which looks like it provides...well, decent coverage on the model, doesn't quite measure up. As one parent learned, the crochet knit bralette might be better suited for the household cat. The angry parent who's daughter received the top couldn't even legally post a picture of the girl wearing the piece on the review section of Amazon as it provided no coverage whatsoever. The parent posted a picture of their family pet posing in the top, which covered it's nipples (which it fails to do for most human wearers). The hilarious review went viral. A startlingly 8% of people gave the product 5 stars, while 41% were really, really dissatisfied. Hopefully they too have pets indeed of weaved dresses. While bra tops continue to be a hot must-have for summer, remember when you're shopping online to always read the reviews. What do you think of this hilarious fail? Have you ever ordered something online that wasn't what you expected? Show us a picture in the comments below!  

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